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Episode 017: 10 Ways To Diversify Photography Income

February 06, 2024 Lissa Chandler Season 1 Episode 17
Your Photographer Mom
Episode 017: 10 Ways To Diversify Photography Income
Show Notes

How Can I Diversify My Photography Income?

In this week's photography podcast, we talk about:

  • 10 Ways To Diversify Your Photography Income
  • Why This Can Be Helpful
  • Branching Out of Sessions
  • Stock Photography 

Wanna know this episode in one quote? I got you!

"As a long time photographer, I can totally understand that, sometimes, we just hit walls. When you’re shooting for the first couple of years, everything feels exciting and new and there’s also a feeling that, eventually, you’ll feel like you’ve "made it”. And while you might hit that feeling, it’s possible that, as a creative, you’ll keep moving the goal post to what “making it” actually is. And that’s totally fine! It’s not the best feeling to constantly move that goal post but, as someone who does that (regrettably, lol), I can say that diversifying my income streams made it so that I feel like I have more things to hit. And because I have a variety of goals? It helps me focus on each one by one."

Want to work on this topic this week?

Zoom out from your work and ask yourself:

  • What value can you bring to photographers, clients, or photography adjacent creatives? 
  • Would you like to diversify your income with shooting - ie stock photography - or would you rather add a different type of work into you business?
  • What are your non-shooting strengths? Is it writing? Dying backdrops? Creating templates? Designing? How can you add this to your revenue plans?


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